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Why I am proud of voting for Nancy Binay

Nancy Binay with her father at her filing of candidacy for Senator of the Republic. (Source:

Nancy Binay with her father at her filing of candidacy as senatorial candidate at the COMELEC office in Manila. (Source:

Unlike other people who also think that they are intellectuals and thinkers, I do not look down on Nancy Binay and everyone who made her victory possible. In fact, I think that her election to the Senate is just about the best thing to have happened to our country in a long, long time. Another Binay in government is what we need to put the Philippines in the right direction. Since most members of the Middle Class tend to get on their ‘high horse’ too easily, they forgot to read the Nancy Binay has what is arguably the most comprehensive blueprint for a new Philippine revolution.

Of course, I am just joking. Nancy is just another Bam Aquino in the sense that they do belong in a monarchy, and not a democratically-elected government. Platform? A shoe botique has more platforms than her. I merely said this to get your attention, and since you’re already reading this, you might as well read the rest of this article.

Going back to Nancy, her victory could actually BE the best thing to happen to our country if it will make middle-class intellectuals reexamine their own political views and ideas. Instead of blaming the poor and calling them ‘ignorant’, we should assess and identify all the factors and reasons for how a 20-year on-the-job-trainee became a member of one of the highest institutions in the land.

One very important factor is ourselves: most of us become ‘instant political analysts’ once every three years, but remain apathetic and self-centered the rest of the time. For example, do you know why the average Filipino doesn’t make ‘informed’ (by our standards) choices? Do you know why the majority of Filipinos do not finish their schooling? Do you know anything about the education policies of the Administration?

We demand that the poor vote using the same guidelines, the same criteria, the same lenses as we have, but we forgot that they cannot. We demand that they make an ‘educated’ vote, but when activists come to our classes to invite us to walkout to demand a higher education budget, we dismiss them as nuisances. We demand that they do not sell their votes, but when workers are out in the streets protesting unemployment and high prices, we curse them for causing additional traffic.

In a manner of speaking, it is the poor who are actually political. They practice politics in their struggles to keep their jobs, raise wages, and make ends meet; they practice politics in saving their homes and delaying the impending demolition by yet another month; they practice politics by negotiating with their landlords over the division of the harvest and the terms of their contract.

Meanwhile, our ‘politics’ is limited to electing some people every three years. Is it impossible to accept that accepting bribes, or voting for the popular name is actually a wise and educated choice? Street-wise, not academic-wise, by the School of Hard Knocks and not by the UP or the Ateneo. Perhaps their everyday interactions with the system has led them to the conclusion that by itself, elections won’t change the system, so what’s the big deal with selling one’s vote?

In other words, there is no one to blame for Nancy Binay but ourselves. We, as people who pride ourselves on our education, and the reasoning and rationality that supposedly comes with it, created this monster.

Before you post another Status Message ranting about Binay, or click the ‘Share’ button on another meme about her, ask yourself: how involved where you in social issues between May 2010 and May 2013? Are they the stupid voters, or are you the naïve member of society?

P.S I did not vote for Nancy. I voted for Teddy. And I believe in a revolution, not an election.

About the Author

Anton Dulce (@antondulce) holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Development from UP Diliman. He is a member of UP’s University Student Council from 2007 to 2008, and is currently the National Vice Chairperson of Anakbayan. He is often the center of controversy, and has been bestowed the title of ‘Troll’ countless times by both his peers and critics. When he is not talking or writing about politics, he is trying to eat in every restaurant and eating place in the Philippines at least once.

Editor’s Note

Anton graciously agreed to our offer to republish this post, first posted as a Facebook note then with only 47 shares. We sincerely hope that this version of the note will outlive its more viral (but evil!) twin. 😉


182 thoughts on “Why I am proud of voting for Nancy Binay

  1. annemalabag May 17, 2013 at 1:17 pm · · < ate.. mayaman din sila binay.. di purke ganyan ang itsura nila.. wla sila mga negosyo at yaman.. paano kaya sya nanalo kung di sya ma-impluwensyang nilalang.. hahay.. pro binay kalang eh.. magkano yung binigay sau te??

    • Too early to comment. Lets wait a while for her performance upon assuming office.. Parang scripted or dictated lahat ang kanyang mga sagot sa interview…

  2. To early to tell how she’ll fare. Maybe she will break the mold. Perhaps. Time will tell. As for the poor being more political, I believe it depends from whose point of view. There are the poor who are hard working and thus fall within the author’s definition and there are the other types who rely on dole outs—(Our tax pesos at work) the informal sett…. ah, screw it.. Squatters, who take advantage of them & politicians take advantage of that. I’m part of the middle class and I struggle too, (mortgages, etc) just doing what I can to survive the urban rat race. Then I see my local congressman being escorted by a couple of policemen on the highway, passing everyone else and I couldn’t help think, “Hey, Aren’t my taxes paying for that fcuker?” I actually wrote to that congressman about certain issues about our district. I was thanked, was told “noted” and that was the end of it. Days later an American muscle car was seen driven by said congressman. Yup. My tax pesos at work.

  3. there’s a form of literature taught in High School or even Grade School. It’s called SATIRE, in case some didn’t know. lol

  4. I agree with some of her point.. HIndi ako maka-Binay pero kung i-analyze natin ang mga kritiko ni Nancy na tanga daw ang mga bumoto sa kanya dahil walang experience,eh ano tawag natin sa mga bumoto kay Cory na wala ding alam? Si Nancy,sa Senado lang,si Cory,Presidente? So ibig sabihin mas tanga ang mga bunoto kay COry?? 😀

      • Different situations, but still we are talking about qualifications here. So it actually connects. Cory is not a great pres., since she did nothing to improve our country and did everything to let it stumble down.

    • You should not compare Pres. Cory and Nancy Binay. I’ll remind you. This is POST MARTIAL LAW. That time, our country was in chaos because of Marcos’ dictatorship. After the assassination of Ninoy, that infuriated the whole country, they needed someone to embody the democracy and they saw it in the widow of Ninoy, Cory Aquino. In that time, they’re not looking for track records. Marcos has a very good track record bu what happened? They wanted a leader that will lead a revolution and overthrow Marcos. Since Ninoy’s dead, they symphatize to the wife and the People Power happened.

      Now back to 2013. People are tired of marching down the streets. They don’t want another People Power. They are yearning for CHANGE. And they don’t see it in Nancy Binay’s lack of experience. The voting public is getting smart now.

      I’m not saying that people back there weren’t smart. Actually, they are. They voted a President who wasn’t hungry for power. What I wan’t to say that we DO need a leader that is not corrupt but at the same time we do need someone who knows what he’s doing, who has a very great dedication and has concrete plans on the betterment of the country.

      • Korap nga si Marcos pero nakita naman natin kung gaano siya kagaling at katalino sa termino niya. Umunlad ang ating bansa. Mas pipiliin ko ang korap tas may ginagawa kaysa sa hindi korap at mangmang. (May alam ba si Cory sa ginagawa niya???)

        Ang stupido ng mga tao noon, umasenso na nga Pilipinas nun eh. Maganda naman ginawa ni Marcos. Mas maayos nga dati yung mga pampublikong paaralan kaysa ngayon. Yung mga piniliit na paalisin si Marcos ang mga gutom sa kapangyarihan dahil alam nila wala na silang pagkakataon maging presidente dahil ng diktador na si Marcos. (Oo tinitukoy ko si Ninoy)

      • If people wanted a better leader, they should have picked someone else, and not Cory. Aquino family wanted power too, that’s why they used the death of her husband in gaining the highest political power possible. If their main purpose was to make a better Philippines, then cory should have endorsed someone more capable of doing a president’s job. But no, she did not. Because she was merely a puppet controlled but someone in the shadows. Aquino-Cojuangco family are selfish politicians who are no good to this country. Just look at the Philippines now. Just look who you voted for President and see for yourself how toxic they are. In his political ads, Abnoy can only boast about one achievement in his reign: WANG-WANG. And that’s it. no more. How low is that??

      • People talk a lot about how Marcos made Philippines such a progressive country (yet undermine the fact that it was also during his term that Philippines debt started to accumulate). We, current generation, did not encounter missing or savaged family members. The only people who have the right to utterly describe Marcos’ era are the people who actually experienced that so called Martial Law, including all his terms as president.

    • watch your words dude! Do you consider Cory Aquino who has a degree in Mathematics and studied Law as ‘walang alam’?? maybe you’re talking about yourself

    • Do not compare Cory with Nancy Binay. the former president journeyed with Ninoy, taking part with all the pains and she’s the woman behind the hero. She took part in the nation’s transition.
      Well for Binay, prove you’re worth.

  5. Bam Aquino shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as Nancy Binay. Bam is a world reknowned youth leader as for Nancy is nothing more than a leech from his father’s shadow.

    • Bam Aquino is a world reknowned youth leader? Aling world ba yan? Sariling mundo ni President Aquino? Pareho lang sila. Mas masahol pa si Bam kasi nagpapanggap pa siyang hindi trapo

  6. If the PCOS machines and counting are to be trusted, sure!! But then again, I stand by it — the elections are a sham, unless proven otherwise.

  7. Bka naman ndi tanga ang mga botante bka naman kasi mdumi lang tlaga sila mamulitika? Just giving you something logical to think about, people hate her and she instantly got into the top 5? well that’s not seems so logical, i think mas katanggap-tanggap pa kung nsa top 10-12 sya kagaya ni Madam Villar pero top 5? prang halatang nanigurado agad s puesto? hay nakakstress tlaga ang pulitika prang nakakasawa ng bumoto kasi wlang matinong pulitiko ang nauupo sa tamang puesto.. di na tayo natututo sa mga ginawa ni Lito Lapid, Tito Sotto at kung sino2 pang walang kwentang pulitiko na pinapasahod ng taong bayan…. ang masakit pa wla na ngang ginagawa, puro perhuwisyo pa at kahihiyan sa taong bayan ang ginagawa!

  8. This article is clearly full of rhetorical statements to paint a dramatic picture which the author wants to show. I don’t agree that you’re considered naive when you simply vote during elections. I believe that it’s the most powerful and democratic way of participation in forwarding your ideals in society as you elect someone in position who will have the power to legislate laws. It’s just really unfortunate how this can easily be disregarded as we the poor is the majority in our country. And what is evident is that the poor can easily go for politicians who are popular.

    Secondly, I do think bashing Binay online is the same on how the poor bashes the administration along the streets. I think the only difference between the two is the form of protest. They both bash, mock, and curse someone who they believe deserves it.

  9. I don’t think we can change the political system in our country.. Ika nga pera pera lang.. Only few candidates are running without spending, a very simple reason or a very simple point, to make it easy for us all to understand, why spend millions when your reason is just to serve the people.. Is there really a need to make a battle over a position? So for those who have the capability of changing or influencing other minds, just continue your devotion to inform and educate others even if we know its impossible for us to achieve what we dream.. Change will never start anywhere, it will start within ourselves.. As i will always remember the words that my teachers are telling me, “be a man for others” and don’t just say it or memorize it, live it!

  10. So tama po ba na ang pagkakaintindi ko ay dapat sumama kami sa pagrarally para magkaroon ng stand sa society? Kung ganon nga, pagrarally lang ba ang sagot sa gantong klaseng problema sa politika? Na dapat tanggapin na lang na may makakapal ang mukha? Parang mga magnanakaw sa EDSA o Commonwealth. Galingan na lang tumakbo kaysa magprovide ng ways para mabawasan ang pagnanakaw? Parang adjusting ang mga mababait PARA SA magnanakaw? Please, enlighten me po. Honest question. Thanks.

  11. There’s a solution to all this but almost near impossible to be done, and that is “Only legitimate tax payers are allowed to vote” 🙂

  12. Very well put but I am quite uncertain on how much you mean your words. Let’s start with the title “WHY I AM PROUD OF VOTING FOR NANCY BINAY” and end with the final notes “P.S I did not vote for Nancy. I voted for Teddy. And I believe in a revolution, not an election.”

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  14. i’ve watched her interview, one of the news anchor asked “ano po ang unang una ninyong gagawin pag naka upo na kayo sa senado?” she immediately answered with no hesitations that she will pass the bill that would protect the rights of children below 0-5 years old, vaccinations, day care centers and the like, which most of these I believe, was already implemented and passed by Sen. Cayetano, but what made me raise my eyebrows was when she discussed about passing a bill that allows a certain level of led content of paints that is being used in making bags, shoes, toys for children…I have a kid, and I appreciate her planning to pass these bills. But to be honest Who would want to spend their tax on someone who mixes chemicals in her couldron or trying to mimic somebody elses bill? I have nothing against her, after she surprisingly hugged the fifth position and declared as senator…I closed my eyes and visualized my pay slip “here you go little kitty kitty…a bit of pork barrel tastes and smells like fish…”

  15. and to the Author of this…blog?…the “PS thing” you wrote made me feel like I’ve just wasted my precious three-minute trying to figure what you’re trying to point out and at the end you contradicted your statement…and you’re from U.P? amusing…

  16. ” why I am proud of voting for nancy binay” yet in the end ” p.s i did not vote for her”. err this article is misleading.

  17. ” how involved where you in social issues between May 2010 and May 2013?” You ask this to the middle class?

    The middle class are forced to pay taxes which run gov’t social programs… and those programs generate idiots to vote idiots!

    Ask the middle class to be political and revolutionary? How about we don’t pay taxes?

  18. Philippines will not improve! we cannot be one of the richest country again in asia. 1st even we vote wisely we don’t know if the counting of our votes is True! even we are now using pekos Machine! or we also upgrade again the voting counting! Dahil pera ang ginagamit ng mga politiko tumatakbo! Lahat ng politiko tumatakbo naglalabas ng milyon milyon pera para lang manalo! at maupo sa position! kahit napakababa ng sahod nila! at hndi nila mabawi ang ginastos nila sa sahod nila sa buong term nila! kumpara sa nilabas nila pera sa kompanya! bkt sila nagkakandarapa sa position at bkt sila naglalabas ng pera malaki sa ganito position pero mababa ang sahod! At hindi nga pala position sa Govt ang pinagaagawan nila! ang pinagaagawan nila ay yun FB sa makakakuha ng position na yun! FB lang naman ang pinaglalabanan ng mga politiko dito! pag naupo ka my FB ka! if the FB ay hindi tatangalin hindi magbabago ang pilipinas at hindi uunlad! Subukan tangalin ang FB tignan natin kung sino politiko ang tatakbo at maglalabas ng napakalaki pera! kung wala yan walang magvote buying! wala kaya gumamit ng pera para lang manalo sila! kagaya ng boss ko sa office kamag anak niya ay isang politiko ang kalaban nila ang nanalo dahil nagawa ng paraan ng kalaban manalo gamit ang pera dahil meron ng pikos machine sa bahay ng politiko kalaban nila! pano siya nagkaroon ng pikos machines sa bahay! dahil binayaran niya ang isa sa mga COMELEC! kahit sabhin pa natin hindi Si Chairman ang may gawa nun! akalaan mo 6M ang nilabas ng politiko na ito para lang magkaroon siya ng pikos sa bahay niya! san niya babawiin yun 6m na nilabas niya! kaht buong term niya hindi niya mababawi yun! dahil sa FB yan! kaya wag na tao aasa magbabago pilipinas dahil hindi din papatangal ng mga nasa Congreso yan at sa senado! dahil dyan sila yumayaman eh!

  19. Nancy Binay doesn’t deserve the senate position, but as of now there is no way to halt the process that will proclaim her as one of this country’s senator.

    Did anyone in here vote for Pres. PNOY?
    If so why are you complaining about Nancy Binay winning as a Senator?

    Both worked as a personal assistant to their parents, no experienced on running a company, or even a non-gov’t org.

    It is true that Pnoy was a representative and a senator before running for a higher position but does he have a legislative background? Is there a certain accomplishment that he can be proud of during those times?

    But I agree that the fate of this country is not only based on the election result, but by the action that we, the citizens of the Philippines are willing to take.

  20. If you believe in a revolution and not an election, why’d you vote? Are you a moron or something?

  21. But what is her platform? what is she capable of when she didn’t attendany public debate? Even the decision of running is not hers… she can be influenced easily… one weak Senator, can’t wait to see her make her own stand in the senate that is is she can. Puppet senator! I remember how MAARTE she is during college days. haha most UP students who knw her would agree haha

  22. its all about choosing the lesser evil……………………… puede rin naman kasing sabihin na yung ibang nanguna ay paruparo, balimbing, inggrato, arogante.

  23. Why don’t we start by educating the poor?
    Or maybe even the middle class who are frustrated by the rat race?

    IMO, events like this can be prevented by implementing a better education system.

    Teach the political issues to the grade 1 students since this is what most of the poor just attain. Teach how to use the PCOS machine, tell them that their vote can change the world. Educate the poor on several ways on how to make small money grow big. Tell them that they are the power of the current system and that small decision they make in not expressing their votes or selling their votes can make them poorer.

    This is where government spending should start before trying to increase the economy. Spend money on education.
    What is the sense of the high PSEI index if the middle class do not know how to use it as their advantage? I bet the majority won’t know how to escape the rat race with this opportunity.

    What is the sense of the booming economy if the poor do not know how to start small time businesses, their role to the society, talk english or maybe at least tagalog. I’ve been to the slums to interview some of the people why they won’t continue their education, most of the answers was due to money.
    Some answered that education was just a waste of time if they can use their time by getting trash and selling it somewhere.

    Well here is the sad part, the poor are poor because they do not know where to invest their time and money. The middle class remain in the middle class because they have the money but fail to see opportunities for growth, pay taxes and stay investing on liabilities.

    I have nothing against the current administration. But in my opinion, the problem is both in the government and in the Filipino people. We are so blinded by the corrupted system that we fail to open our minds and take the initiative to improve ourselves as citizens of the country. The government on the other hand is busy investing on what benefits a 1st world country and not a 3rd world country. Do you even know what a 1st world country and a 3rd world country is? (Be honest) We can start fixing this by starting small – by fixing ourselves.

    In a capitalist country, we must know how to open an edge to triumph this war against these capitalists. Truth is it is every man for himself in a system like this.

    If the government can’t educate you, why can you not educate yourself? Not only for your growth but also for the country.

  24. sa pagkakaalam ko kung bakit nanalo ni nancy binay dahil siya ay kayumanggi pilipinong pilipino ang dating dahil dito siya ay itunuring na makakatulong sa mga problema ng ating bansa dahil walang makakatulong sa ating mga pilipino kung hindi isang kulay kayumanggi din. dalangin namin na hindi biguin ni ms nancy ang aming pagkakilalala sa kanya.

  25. kung tutuusin pareho lang sila ni bam aquino… pero hanggang ngayon nagtataka pa rin ako baket ang daming bilib sa pamilyang aquino na yan, ginawa pang hero kuno si ninoy aquino na wala manlang nagawa, magaling lang sya magtula at gumawa ng kwento yun lang naiambag nya sa bayan natin.

  26. hindi porket ganun na ang sistema eh hahayaan mo na lang? parang sinabi mo sa magnanakaw na sige magnakaw na lang kayo.. ganun ba ang gusto mo?

  27. Thanks for this post! It made me realize that i should get involved- Senator .Binay might be the push that I will be needing to exercise my right to vote in the Presidential elections because as early as not, it is achingly clear that our next Pres will probably be his father.

  28. You have a point. However, just because we don’t join the rowdy crowd to voice out our sentiments…just because we don’t pile up on the streets to express our disagreement…doesn’t mean that we are indifferent to the masses. We just happen to believe that there is always a better venue where we can air out our complaints…a venue where when we clamor for peace, justice and equality we don’t disrespect these very virtues that we fight for…the most poor may have not shared our decisions or our judgement probably because we need more organizations that can reach out to them and help them identify what needs to be done in order to get to the future that they thought the ppl whom they voted for would bring them…more ppl to reach out to them…truly understands them….and not just join them in shouting in the streets.

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  30. I don’t get it at all. Why do people keep on bashing Binay when she did not do anything wrong yet. While two elected senates who actually spent most of their adult lives and political lives in prison are not being criticized? People here are VERY bias, most of them are just bashing her because a famous host did so. If this famous host actually criticized someone else then I am sure Binay is not being bullied by these people. People talk shit like they actually know what is going on, but they are just repeating something they see on the media.

    And I am actually surprised that some of this know-it-all young “critics” judge her that she just won because of her father when in fact two other elected senate (POE and AQUINO) are in the same case but are not being criticized. See how biased that actually is?? And looking at Poe’s political background, she is not that great at all to grab the no. 1 spot.

    Guys, stop bashing just to be “in”. Because I know most young people are doing it so. “Ohhh, i know politics, i don’t like Binay, i know current events since i know vice ganda, politics.. yeay!! I’m smart” This is the very reason why Binay is bullied right now.

  31. just a concerned citizen, bakit lahat ng nanalo sa election meron laging contra di pa nakakaupo, at pag nakaupo na contra pa rin sa kanilang ginagawa…. if you want to change ang politics and the way the government act, eh di kumandidato ka, tapos pag nanalo ka ikaw naman mag pa implement ng gusto mo…let us just pray that the almighty God will guide them in making our country proud di ba mas magand..

  32. I think anyone who is giving Nancy Binay so much benefit of doubt and are asking that she be given the opportunity to prove herself are missing the point. The real point is, of all the Senatorial candidates that filed their candidacy in the recent election why does she be the one to be elected or even given the opportunity to prove herself. I wouldn’t like to name names because I may be accuse of favoring a political party, but even in the UNA list of candidates, there are far far better people who I think deserve to be elected and be given the opportunity to craft laws for us. And not somebody who will still learn from the job. It is a waste of taxpayer money. While Nancy is proud of her 20 years OJT with her parents, being a mayor is different from being a Senator. A mayor administers while a senator crafts laws. They are too distinct skill set. In real life, she is applying for a job that she has no experience off.

    As they say, don’t shoot the messenger. Binay ask that she be put to public scrutiny, then give it to her.

  33. People talk a lot about how Marcos made Philippines such a progressive country (yet undermine the fact that it was also during his term that Philippines debt started to accumulate). We, current generation, did not encounter missing or savaged family members. The only people who have the right to utterly describe Marcos’ era are the people who actually experienced that so called Martial Law, including all his terms as president.

  34. Walk-outs? Going to the streets? These tactics are reactionary and rarely contribute to fixing the system and are indeed just nuisances. Pesky anarchists.

    The poor make an uneducated vote because they are uneducated, yes, and we all share the blame for that. Nonetheless, this article too readily dismisses each person’s agency, his ability to make his own choice.

    To the extent that the masa knew what they were doing – helping perpetuate their own hunger and joblessness, further compromising the future of the nation by placing a vote-buyer into office – then they retain responsibility for their action and deserve condemnation for it.

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