Write for TDO

Are you brimming with passion for the social sciences? Do you have something to say about the current social realities of our country and in the global scene? Then you’re exactly who we’re looking for!

True to our thrust of publishing content that is diverse, dynamic, informed, and intelligible, our mailboxes are open all year round for the best submissions. Our time remains limited though – we have day jobs – so please allow us enough time (about two weeks maximum) to adequately assess your work and formulate a response.


General Guidelines for Submissions:

  1. Submissions must not be under current and simultaneous consideration by other sites. As much as possible, they must also not have been published elsewhere online. (Exceptions may apply.)
  2. Your submission remains yours, even after publication. You, the author(s), own/s the Creative Commons license that covers your work.
  3. Articles must generally be written in accessible language for the non-specialist Filipino reader. We also accept articles written for a wider global audience as well. Please avoid using overly complicated language, jargon, and region-specific references without giving a short explanation.
  4. Include a short author biography after the last sentence of your article. Please include relevant academic/professional credentials.
  5. You may include any contact details, list of works for further reading, and links to your work.

When submitting:

  1. Save your article in a Microsoft Word-compatible version (.doc or .docx).
  2. Email your submission to thedailyopium@gmail.com. Use “ARTICLE” in the subject line.

After submitting:

The staff of The Daily Opium generally allows itself up to two weeks to assess your submissions and will respond to you within that timeframe. You may be asked by the editors to amend your work as needed. If your work is time/context dependent – therefore requiring priority in publication – please inform us as well. Should you need to follow up on the status of your article, please email us at thedailyopium@gmail.com.

Openings for Regular Contributors


TDO welcomes regular contributors with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. If you’d like to contribute regularly to The Daily Opium, email us at thedailyopium@gmail.com. Attach two writing samples (short ones will do, long ones are welcome) and a short pitch for a slot on our team.

For now, regular contributor status allows you to use the WordPress dashboard to write posts (with publication pending editorial approval), and a spot on our Team page. If you submit content often to TDO, we highly recommend this option so as to expedite the publication of your work.