Pork and its Alternatives
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Pork and its Alternatives

By C.J. Chanco. First published in A Cynic Meets Hope  In late October, the House of Representatives approved the 2014 General Appropriations Bill (House Bill 2630), which spells out the government’s spending priorities for the next fiscal year [1]: P316.402 billion for education (inclusive of DepEd and SUCs budgets) P97.964 billion for social welfare (inclusive … Continue reading

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CALL FOR PAPERS: 2014 PSR Special Issue “A Religious Society? Advancing the Sociology of Religion in the Philippines”

CALL FOR MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSIONS click here The sociology of religion as a research interest has seen a resurgence in recent years. Challenging the assumptions of secularization theory, many commentators (including Peter Berger, Jose Casanova, Grace Davie, Linda Woodhead, and Anthony Giddens) have pondered on the continuing prominence of religion in everyday life and the public sphere. … Continue reading