Contributors, A-Z

This page is a list of all authors who have contributed at least one article or blog post to The Daily Opium. Want to join their ranks? Contribute!

Myra Jean Aceituna: Muy, called Myra Jean by her irritated mother whenever she does something annoying, is a twenty-three year old kid from the province of Quezon. She is a graduate of BA Public Administration from the National College of Public Administration and Governance in the University of the Philippines-Diliman, and has recently finished her graduate diploma course in Urban and Regional Planning from the School of Urban and Regional Planning in the same university. In a span of one and a half years, she’s already had a number of work experiences due to her impulsive nature. She now works as a Project Development Officer for one of the programs of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Her hobbies include cramming, sleeping, travelling, drinking, enrolling in courses she will probably not use and learning something new everyday.

Eufemio Agbayani III is a fourth year BA History student at the University of the Philippines – Diliman.

Mark Sherwin Castronuevo Bayanito is a boy perpetually amazed of the stars in the night sky. He has varying degrees of complexities. Mark is an aimless graduate student of Political Science in UP Diliman, and is also an accidental peace advocate working at the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP). When you can’t find him, he’s most likely to be lost in his own mind again.

Arvin Buenaagua studies Political Science in University of the Philippines. He is a writer, composer, singer and activist. He is a member of the SixWillFix movement, a campaign to allocate six percent of the country’s GNP to public education.

Maryam RS Bermudez, professionally known as Reinna, is a balik-Islam (Muslim reconvert) peace advocate and political officer working on Mindanao peace and development. She graduated with a degree in Political Science from the University of the Philippines – Diliman in 2011 and is currently pursuing funding for her deferred admission to a Masters program at the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. She is currently working at the Senate of the Philippines.

CJ Chanco  A hopeless romantic and obsessive thinker, reader, writer and long-distance runner struggling to understand a world forever torn between  cynicism and hope.  A former features editor at The Lasallian and an aspiring anthropologist.

Jesse Claudio is forever someone’s research assistant, but a freelance researcher in the social sciences nonetheless. She’s currently a graduate student in Sociology on the blue side of Katipunan. Her hobbies include crunching numbers and running statistical tests on SPSS, and lurking around the internet looking for creative content. She found a pirated copy of Photoshop and posed as one of The Daily Opium‘s creative directors. Pseudo geek, part hipster, still wandering.

Francis Joseph Dee is an aspiring political scientist and proud geek currently seeking the Anti-Life Equation.

JC de Leon is an inaugural contributor to The Daily Opium.

Brian Doce is an anime fan who aspires to be a member of the academe, to be a lawyer, and to be a businessman. He is a political science student in the University of Santo Tomas.

Anton Dulce holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Development from UP Diliman. He is a member of UP’s University Student Council from 2007 to 2008, and is currently the National Vice Chairperson of Anakbayan. He is often the center of controversy, and has been bestowed the title of ‘Troll’ countless times by both his peers and critics. When he is not talking or writing about politics, he is trying to eat in every restaurant and eating place in the Philippines at least once.

Jan Robert R. Go is Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of the Philippines Diliman. His research interests include decentralisation and devolution studies, local government and politics, politics of educational reform and governance, and new institutionalism in political science.

Howell Ico A kid who’s infinitely startled in Neverland. Habitually speculating, reconnoitering and probing on enigmatic prevalence within the social atmosphere. A gold-blooded Sociologist-to-be at the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas and currently the chief executive of the Philippine League of Sociology Students.

Kristoffer Li is a political science major at the University of the Philippines-Diliman.

Rodolfo Lahoy Jr., or Jay-Jay is currently taking BA Political Science in the University of the Philippines, and is a member of UP Political Society. Like most people, he would like to believe that agents can change the structures that they exist in.

Ferth Vandensteen L. Manaysay is a senior student pursuing BA-MA Political Science in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. He is currently Vice President for Academics, UP Association of Political Science Majors and Volunteer/Intern, Third World Studies Center. He aspires to be an established academic researcher and writer in the future.

Josh Makalintal (@joshmaks) is an EU/International Affairs blogger and is currently a university-preparatory student based in Innsbruck, Austria. Although he still holds a Filipino passport, he truly considers himself as a citizen of the world. Aside from being a writer, he likes to travel, hike, stargaze and attempt to learn new languages. He is also an activist who’s engaged in advocating human rights and social change. He is a member the AKS, one of Austria’s largest student organization and the Austrian Young Greens. He considers himself as an idealistic cosmopolitan and dreams of making the world a progressive and sustainable place.

Michael V. Manangu is a politics and policy researcher, aspiring academic, and a founder and lead author for The Daily Opium. When he’s not trawling bookstores and the Web for awesome reads, you can find him walking the planes (otherwise known as playing Magic: the Gathering) and plotting the downfall of kings in historical strategy games.

Michael Trance Nuñez is a student of history and law who is also a self-proclaimed evil genius. He spends his free time surfing the internet, reading, and raising Pokemon. He plans to specialize in Diplomatic History and International law so he can finally realize his dreams of world domination.

Mark Amiel Pascual is a frustrated writer and an eccentric researcher for the social sciences. He’s also a self-proclaimed poet and a certified movie geek. Mark has a penchant for underrated movies and actors that more often than not don’t make it to the limelight (just like himself). His dream is to laymanize the social sciences and bring it closer to the people.

Michael Wilson I. Rosero  is a Lecturer at the UP Department of Linguistics 2013-2014 and Founder/Executive Director of UP Layap: a research-based, student-led association for the advancement of a multilingual and culturally relevant education in the Philippines. He is also a Field researcher and MTBMLE advocate.

Elroy Rendor doubled his weight in college thanks to the dallop of creme in his daily coffee that aids him in finishing numerous readings. He finished a Bachelor of Arts Major in Development Studies with a Minor in Cultural Heritage and Minor in Filipino Literature from the Ateneo de Manila University. He wants to pilot a Gundam in the near future.

Leal Rodriguez is an unintended (yet proud) feminist who walks a fine line between the world of the humanities and the world of the social sciences. She is educator at heart and development worker in training. Her two worlds consist of the UP College of Social Work and Community Development, where she is finishing her masters in Women and Development, and Ateneo where she works as a student formator and lecturer of English. She spends her free time trying not to feel high emotions.

Alphonse Samson is currently taking his undergraduate degree in Political Science in UP Diliman. He is also a member of the UP Political Society. His research interest, among others, is focused on media and politics especially in the Philippines.

Josh San Pedro is a graduate of Anthropology in UP Diliman. He is now taking up medicine at UPCM

Kert Tandog is a BA Anthropology graduate in University of the Philippines Diliman. She is now taking up a graduate diploma in Environmental Management and Development from the Crawford School of Public Policy in the Australian National University. Next year, she will be proceeding to Masters of Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development in the same institution. Her interests include Archaeology, Conflict studies, film, and anime. She aims to try every type of beer and wine in Australia before she leaves.

Bradley Williams is a graduate student beginning the PhD program in Sociology at George Mason University in Spring 2015.  He researches social problems from perspectives within sociology, Islamic studies, and international relations.

Karminn Cheryl Dinney Yangot is a BA Anthropology graduate of UP Diliman. She finished her course magna cum laude while serving as an ex officio member of the City Council of Baguio City. Her term will expire this Nov 30, 2013. She plans on taking further studies in Anthropology next year.

Yvan Ysmael Yonaha is a Development Practitioner, Technology Enthusiast and Productivity Buff. Yvan holds an AB Degree in Sociology from UP Diliman. He is a former instructor in the Department of Social Science for the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina, and currently works for Ateneo de Manila University as a formator of the Office of Social Concern and Involvement.

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