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Some Social Science for the Holidays: #TDOPicks of the Week

Editor’s Note: On weekends we bring you #TDOPicks – our picks for the best social science features we’ve found on the Internet this week. We feature a variety of content aimed at both the layman and the social science professional. Tell us what you’re reading or watching by tweeting @theDailyOpium with #TDOPicks or posting links on our Facebook page.


The Context of the Binay’s Entitlement Complex by Dr. Nicole Curato

In this article, Dr. Curato explains that the Dasmagate Scandal of the Binay’s is a symptom of a deep inequality in urban populations.

“Social scientists have expressed caution against the tendency of gated communities to deepen urban inequality. At the core of fencing off communities from the squalor of the city is a process of social segregation based on income, and, in some cases, race and ethnicity.”


The Behavioral Economics of Christmas by George Loewenstein

An economist talks about gift giving, how it destroys value and what they really mean for givers.

“IT HAS PROBABLY already occurred to you that the economic analysis of gift-giving reflects an incomplete understanding of the purpose of gifts, which involve relationships, as well as commodities, and which provide value not only to the recipient but also to the giver”

Image downloaded from but originally from red apple

Image downloaded from but originally from red apple

Can we cancel Pride? by Michael David dela Cruz Tan

Can Pride be sacrificed for relief operations? Outrage Magazine’s Michael David dela Cruz Tan answers this question in light of the cancellation of the supposed World Pride Festival organized by the Quezon City Pride Council scheduled on the first week of December 2013.


What does Antonio Gramsci have to say about Christmas Shoppers? by John Raymond Jison

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and spend a lot of money? John Raymond Jison discusses holiday (over)spending in a Gramscian perspective.

“The capitalists as the ruling class propagate the consumerist message that this season ought to be spent through acquisition of things for greater satisfaction. Everywhere we look gives us an overwhelming encouragement to buy what we cannot afford and spend what we have not earned.”